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Completely transparent caps for colouring or editing.
shiriato asked: Do Ryuko and Satsuki do sisterly stuff now that the whole world isn't going to end?


If by sisterly stuff you mean wrecking IKEA showrooms, then yes, they have been doing that quite often. Thank you.

I despite pointless deaths.
One Episode, One GIF: Hey! Don't mess up my automail! Do you know how hard I worked on that?!

"I want that concrete nice and level."

This ship is the homeland of Ryuko’s soul! And not just the one in my head! I know the one outside my head feels the same way! Ryuko has always, always waited for me!

So wait for us, Ryuko! I’ll catch up to you in no time

I don’t even have a picture of her
[dramatically rips off coat]